VetSource Online Pharmacy

  • Our online pharmacy

    To help keep these costs low for our clients we offer a online pharmacy for prescription refills, over the counter medications, and supplies.

    At Creston Large Animal we require to see the patient before providing a prescription to the client to administer. This is a practice performed by every Veterinarian in the United States to ensure safety and health of the patient.

  • Drop Box Pick-Up

    We also offer pick-up of medications in our custom-made drop box designed for emergency refills when you cannot re-order online.

    For instructions on the drop box, pick-up arrangements, details, or general questions, please call Creston at: 805-239-9963.

About VetSource's Online Pharmacy

We have moved to a more robust online pharmacy home delivery service for your convenience. Our Home Delivery program provides affordable, quality medications, coupled with convenient AutoShip programs so your horse's medications are delivered to your home, stable, or competition, on time, just when you need it. To use our online pharmacy, you will need to create an account with VetSource below. VetSource members enjoy great and convenient benefits such as:

  • + AutoShip delivers food and medication to your doorstep
  • + Monthly Reminders repackage your medications so they arrive on time monthly
  • + Free Shipping on most orders $49 and over

Welcome to Creston Large Animal's Online Pharmacy