Equine Reproductive Services


Ultrasound is a safe and painless non evasive way to detect pregnancy. It can be used for a variety of things in the veterinarian field, however for repro uses we can use the sound waves to detect objects and create an image we can see and measure distances. Creston Large Animal has the equipment for your ultrasound needs.

Preg Checks:

Breeding your mare can be an extremely exciting time… it also can be overwhelming at times. The process is at times frustrating if you encounter fertility issues, and can be expensive even when everything goes perfectly. After your mare is bred, routine ultrasound exams should be scheduled.

The following is a list of exams that Creston Large Animal recommends to insure a healthy pregnancy and allows you to determine when to give your mare the pre foal shots:

Ovulation, Follicular Growth

Predicting the ovulation of a mare can be an unpredictable process and a great cause of frustration. Monitoring ovulation cycles and follicular growth will make sure things are on track.

Helpful hints when breeding your mare.

Artificial Insemination

Artificial insemination of equines has been around a long time, and through the years it has had a huge impact on the horse industry. Most of the impact has been positive - it allows horse owners to breed to any horse in the industry without owning and caring for their own personal stallion. It’s a win win for the industry.

Here are several reasons why AI is so beneficial for the industry:

Breeding Soundness Exam

Breeding soundness exams give owners an idea of the animal's breeding potential before entering the breeding shed.

A breeding soundness exam measures: