Digital Imaging Services

Digital Radiography

Creston Large Animal provides advanced imaging technology and radiation therapy - with our state of the art equipment we can properly diagnose and treat serious diseases. Accurate and complete interpretation of the images we take of your animal is critical to developing an effective treatment plan. As well as being faster than outdated technology, our digital system is much more accurate too.

Digital Ultrasonography

Ultrasonography is a treatment tool used in several different aspects of your animal's health. Creston Large Animal uses ultrasound technology in the case of lameness diagnosis, as it helps in imaging tendon and ligament injuries, tendon sheaths and joint capsules. As far as in equine reproduction, ultrasonography is used often for looking at ovulation cycles and pregnancy diagnosis. We can also evaluate the animal for breeding soundness by looking at their reproductive tract. Finally we use ultrasound in the case of colic. We can see what is going on with your animal before we jump into surgery.