Equine Preventative Health Services

Creston Large Animal provides high quality service and technology to ensure your equine is performing to its fullest potential. Work with us to develop a dental plan that fits the specific needs of your equine. Together we can keep your horse comfortable in all aspects of their health, allowing them to do their job even better.


Proper dental care is extremely important to your horse’s health. A regular examination and maintenance on your horse’s teeth is so beneficial to do for your horse. Keeping up on their dental care will promote a longer more comfortable future for your horse. With proper dental care, your horse can utilize feed more efficiently, maintain proper body weight and carry a bit more comfortably when being ridden. Creston Large Animal offers a full service dental care program, see how we can help you.

Recognizing Dental Problems

  • • Dropping feed from their mouth while eating
  • • Weight loss
  • • Tossing, head tilting or fighting the bit
  • • Excessive Salivation
  • • Foul odor from the mouth
  • • Nasal discharge or a swelling on the face

What are Common Dental Problems?

  • • Sharp enamel causing lacerations/ulcers of cheek & tongue
  • • Retained caps (baby teeth that have not been shed)
  • • Retained wolf teeth (causes discomfort when bitted)
  • • Hooks on premolars and molars
  • • Infected teeth and/or gums
  • • Congenital defects
  • • Periodontal (gum) disease


Horse’s teeth are continuously growing, so this is something that needs to be addressed. Floating your horse's teeth is rasping or filing the teeth. Floating removes sharp enamel points. These enamel points cause considerable discomfort to the cheeks, gums and tongue.

Your horse's teeth should be done yearly, but in some cases a more frequent exam is necessary. Sharp points occur in most horses over time due to uneven grinding and wear on the horse's molars.

The clinical signs of dental disease are varied. Some horses show obvious signs of pain and discomfort while other may adapt to the discomfort without showing you any signs of dental problems until they become severe.



The success of rehabbing your horse back to health or maintaining his health is strongly based off of the nutrition and feed you give him - this is the foundation to getting and keeping him up and running for years to come. There are several metabolic diseases and each one you feed accordingly to accommodate the needs of your horse. Let Creston Large Animal help you develop a custom plan for your horse with special needs.

Some of the Common Metabolic Problems We See:

  • • Obesity or Regional Adiposity
  • • Insulin Resistance
  • • Laminitis
  • • Founder
  • • Cushings Disease

All five of these metabolic diseases are so different yet they are triggered by excessive starch and sugar intake from their feed. This is an easy thing to manage if we just adjust their diet. Easy keepers often get into trouble too and should be feed a low calorie diet so they are not hungry yet they can’t put on the pounds. There are several triggers that set off these diseases like a lush green pasture. These are good things to know, so that you can better manage your horse throughout the year. Together we can maintain their health.

what we offer

  • lameness exams
  • joint injections
  • irap injections
  • stem cell
  • tildren & osphos
  • preventative medicine